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Iris Estevez, 

Class of '17

Camden Academy

Camden, New Jersey

Katelin Rodriguez,

Guidance Counselor,

City School

Philadelphia, PA

Mom at a Yadaguru Presentation

Philadelphia, PA

"I had no idea that we had to start so early.  Thank God we had these reminders or we would have failed."

"A really great product that helps augment and amplify (but never ever replace) the counselor's advising role."

"I'm the first in my family to go to college. YadaGuru helped me explain to my mom all the things I had to do"

College Applications are Hard

You are Not Alone

YadaGuru will help you know when to submit all the pieces of your college application so you get it right and on-time.   Set up your schools and YadaGuru will text you to remind you to:

  • Register for Tests

  • Ask your Teachers for Recommendations

  • Request Transcripts

  • Login into Application Sites like Common App

  • Ask your Counselor for Recommendations

  • Write your Essays

  • And More!

YadaGuru will remind you to do these things well before they are due, to help you get everything in on time.

A Totally Free, Non-Monitzed App 

Four years ago, I took an idea for a mobile app to help kids submit complete college applications on time  to Code For Philly.   Code For Philly is the Philadelphia arm of the Code For America Brigade and is a group of developers who want to do good for the community.  They build free non-monetized apps.  One of the things I wanted was a non-monetized app becuase the college application process is BIG business and I didn’t want to be part of asking kids for money.  So we have a license that says our open source code can only be used for non-monetary purposes, meaning, we don’t have ads, never will.  I met Bob who was a teacher transitioning to a developer.  And I met Aidan who was IT at the DA’s office.  And together, we starting building.   We realized we needed the voice of truth in this process and reached out to Katelin, a guidance counselor in real life, who made sure all our college application messages were correct.  And we were blessed to have many many more volunteer developer and designers bring this to fruition. This app was built by many people who care about you and who want you to succeed. Signed, Michiko Quinones, mom.   

We've Come a Long Way

Easy Setup 

Setup multiple schools so you know what to do for each one. 

Personalize Your Experience

Get Mom, Dad, Sisters, Brothers, Pastors, Foster Parents, Imams, Rabbis, Cousins, Uncles, Aunts to get YadaGuru so they can remind you too!

Get Your Crew Involved

Be in Touch

We want to hear from you!


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YadaGuru gives you lead time and doesn't assume one reminder is enough. 

Don't Let A Missed Document Deadline

Kill your School Dreams

Written by Guidance Counselors, you'll get the right advice at the right time.

Set up as many schools as you want.  Each will have a plan for you to follow, right in the app. 

Using YadaGuru Will Help You Get Those Documents in On Time

Text Reminders to Get Stuff Done
Like a Guidance Counselor in your Pocket
A Plan you Can Follow







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